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GiveCosスタジオ at 明大前BASE
GiveCos Cosplay Studio at MEIDAIMAE BASE

【チケット情報~Ticket Information~】

※Please pay the ticket by the day before the participation.


11:00 ~ 18:00(Leaving Time 18:30)


【PLANEAR 明大前スタジオ】
【PLANEAR Meidaimae Studio】

〒156-0043 東京都世田谷区松原1丁目51−1
Matsubara 1-51-1, Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo-To 156-0043
◆京王線明大前駅より徒歩7分 / 7 mins walk from Keio Meidaimae Station



※You can only collect stamps when using this studio.

【購入の際の注意事項 ~Note for Purchasing~】

GiveCos四谷BASE BOX内では安全性を第一優先とし、お客様全員が楽しく過ごせますよう、注意事項、利用規約、その他スタッフの指示を必ずお守りください。
また、規約については随時更新する場合がございます。 定期的にこのページを閲覧して、規約の変更について確認をお願いいたします。
We want to make safety as our first priority during GiveCos Yotsuya BASE BOX. In order to give to our costumers the best experience, we kindly ask to all our guest to follow all the precautions, terms of use and our staff instructions. Terms and use will be updated regularly, we gently ask our guest to visit the page and be sure to check before the convention.

【ご利用について ~Restrictions~】

Please be sure to read correctly the participation rules and stuff instructions.
If you not follow our instructions, cause any inconvenience to other costumer or be caught doing an illegal activity, we will be forced to ask you to leave the place immediately and refrain to participate in other events hold by our organization in the future. In special cases, we will contact a public institution at our discretion. Inappropriate material (such as camera, memory card, telephone, etc.) will be confiscated.

■動画撮影について ~About Video Recording and Photos~
You are allowed to take selfies and photos with mutual agreement.
Please make sure that other participants are not reflected.
This is a shared shoot, so please share the studio and limit your time to 30 minutes when it is crowded.

■注意事項 ~Important Notes~
Running/walking while shooting across the booths is prohibited.
Shooting without the consent from the subject.
Reflection of other participants.
Occupying for too much an area or a booth.
Shooting with big equipment that can obstruct the way.
Shooting with the surrounding landscape and the venue.
Shooting with fake blood, glue or any kind of liquid that is not dry.
Taking pictures in men's/women's changing rooms and in the toilet.
The use an excessively big sized camera/smartphone lens is prohibited.
Dangerous objects such as swords, katana, guns and shooting weapons are prohibited (imitations are NG too). You can use other props such as ball or racket only during the shooting or posing.
Climbing trees, unstable building or going in places that are not designated in the event area are strictly prohibited.
We gently ask to behave in a modest manner and refrain to do something that may makes uncomfortable other people.
Be sure to remove the bullet from the model gun so that it cannot be fired.
The layout map might be change.
Please manage your valuables by yourself. We are not responsible for any loss.
Please report your lost items, with no reports we will dispose the items in 2 weeks after the date. Please contact us by DM.
In case of emergency, follow the staff's instructions and act calmly without rushing.
In case of damages (props or studio location), the cost will be borne by the parties concerned.
In case of an emergency injury, poor physical conditions, ambulance etc., the cost will be borne by the parties concerned.
・コスプレの内容や種類、会場状況によって引き起こされた不利益や事故に対してはGiveCos(株式会社LOL JAPAN)および運営、会場側は責任を負い兼ねます。
GiveCos (LOL JAPAN Inc.), the management, and the venue are not responsible for accidents, discomfort or uneasiness caused by the content and type of cosplay or the venue conditions.

■衣装・更衣について ~About Costumes and Changing Clothes~
Please change clothes in the changing room (men and women).
Only in case of emergency the opposite sex staff may enter the changing room.
If other participants may feel uncomfortable by a costume, we might ask to move in the changing room and change clothes.
Please refrain from wearing or arranging real military uniforms (Fictitious ones appearing in manga and anime are acceptable)

■露出判断基準について ~About Exposure Judgment Criteria
If you do not meet the exposure criteria, we may ask you to refrain from participating in cosplay.
If  the bottom and sides of your breasts can be see, wear underwear or body foundation.
Wear spats or stockings to cover your underwear.
For clothes with heavy exposure, it may be prohibited to shoot outdoors.
For female cosplayer with a big chest, please wear body foundation or a binder.
For men cosplayer there are no restrictions on the upper body, but we gently ask to wear a jacket and expose it only during the shooting.
Regardless of the above, you may be asked to change clothes or wear jacket if the staff judges that there is a problem.

■男性による女装について ~About Women's Clothing by Men
Be sure to apply make-up and eyebrows, and be careful not to damage the character's image.
Avoid to expose body hair such as armpit hair, shin hair, and beard.
Cross-dressing that gives a feeling of intimidation or disgust is prohibited.
Avoid exposing your bare feet and wear tights, stockings, spats, etc.

■年齢制限について ~About Age Restrictions~
Children under junior high school age can participate when accompanied by an adult.

■禁止事項 ~Prohibitions~
Change clothes and make-up outside the changing rooms such as nearby stores and toilets is prohibited.
Use of  hair sprays and mists in the venue.
Entering and leaving while wearing cosplay.
Wearing uniforms of police officers, self-defense officials, firefighters and other civil servants, current national institutions regardless of Japan or foreign countries, and guards. Also, wearing costumes that are not fictitious.
Wearing costumes that are easily mistaken for underwear.
Wig cuts in the venue, changing rooms, toilets, etc.
Making loud and using thing such as microphones, musical instruments, radio cassette recorders, etc. that may causes problems to other participants.
Making excessive sounds with props or bells attached on some costume.
Bringing in items that may injure other people or stain and damage the surrounding area (color spray, etc.).
Wearing costumes that do not meet the exposure criteria.
Go out to a nearby store while wearing costumes. If you go out, please change into plain clothes and carry your participation certificate.
Voyeurism or shooting without the consent from the subject.
Posting online without the consent of the subject, sending to media, magazines and books is prohibited.
Shooting from an excessively low angle.
Acts that are offensive to public order and morals.
Bring in dangerous props such as knives and fireable model guns.
Adult shooting.
Sales activities during the event, interviews / solicitations without permission, distribution of leaflets, etc.
Bringing the national flag.
Bringing in alcoholic beverages and drinking alcohol during the event.
Smoking in student uniform cosplay is strictly prohibited.
Bringing in items that may injure other people.
・参加者同士のトラブル 、その他当スタッフ判断で危険行為、迷惑行為、ルール違反とみなした行為(理由の内容問わず)
Trouble between participants, other dangerous acts, nuisance acts, will be seen as violation of terms and conditions at the discretion of the staff (regardless of the reason)
Acts that cause trouble to other people, such as soiling, damaging, throwing things, or swinging around the venue.
Use of props such as rackets and balls except during the shooting for posing.
Sit-in on the floor except when shooting.


If the above conditions will be violated, the staff will ask you to leave the event or notify the problem to a public institution at our discretion.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.